Experience Basics
View the [ Experience information ] at the Arreat Summit.

Levelling Guide
Here is a simple levelling guide based on the area level of each map in each difficulty.

Click on a map name to see the experience gained by killing monsters in that area. The experience shown is adjusted to the area level. For example, a Dark Stalker, who is normally level 69 and worth 27978 experience points, will be spawned at level 85 in the Pit Level 1, and the experience is increased to 48635 as a result of the level adjustment.

Please note that the experience shown here is further diminished by the [ Experience Penalty ] that affects characters of level 70 and above, and once more by the level difference between your character and the monster.

RED : those are level 85 areas, which can be found as early as Act 1. It can be profitable to 'Magic Find' in those areas, even in Act 1 (for example, 'The Pit'), as the monsters inhabiting these areas are level 85 and higher. Champion monsters in those areas will be level 87, and Unique monsters will be level 88. This means that Champion and Unique monsters in those areas will be able to drop all Unique and Set items with no exceptions.

Update 29 Jan 2004 : fixed monster levels higher than area level, monster levels were previously upgraded to the area level, but not downgraded. This happened in a few Act 5 Hell areas such as 'Abaddon'. Monsters in these areas will show slightly lower experience amounts as a result of their level being lowered.

Blood Moor13667
Cold Plains23668
Stony Field43768
Dark Wood53868
Black Marsh63869
Tamoe Highland83969
Den of Evil13679
Cave Level 123677
Underground Passage Level 143769
Hole Level 153880
Pit Level 173985
Cave Level 223778
Underground Passage Level 243883
Hole Level 253981
Pit Level 274085
Burial Grounds33680
Tower Cellar Level 173875
Tower Cellar Level 273976
Tower Cellar Level 374077
Tower Cellar Level 474178
Tower Cellar Level 574279
Monastery Gate84070
Outer Cloister94070
Jail Level 1104171
Jail Level 2104171
Jail Level 3104171
Inner Cloister104172
Catacombs Level 1114272
Catacombs Level 2114273
Catacombs Level 3124373
Catacombs Level 4124373
The Secret Cow Level286481
Act II
Rocky Waste144375
Dry Hills154476
Far Oasis164576
Lost City174677
Valley of Snakes184677
Canyon of the Magi164879
Sewers Level 1134374
Sewers Level 2134374
Sewers Level 3144475
Harem Level 2134778
Palace Cellar Level 1134778
Palace Cellar Level 2134778
Palace Cellar Level 3134878
Stony Tomb Level 1124478
Halls of the Dead Level 1124479
Halls of the Dead Level 2134581
Claw Viper Temple Level 1144782
Stony Tomb Level 2124479
Halls of the Dead Level 3134582
Claw Viper Temple Level 2144783
Maggot Lair Level 1174584
Maggot Lair Level 2174584
Maggot Lair Level 3174685
Ancient Tunnels174685
Tal Rasha's Tomb174980
Tal Rasha's Chamber174980
Arcane Sanctuary144879
Spider Forest214979
Great Marsh215080
Flayer Jungle225080
Lower Kurast225280
Kurast Bazaar225281
Upper Kurast235281
Kurast Causeway245381
Arachnid Lair215079
Spider Cavern215079
Swampy Pit Level 1215180
Swampy Pit Level 2215181
Flayer Dungeon Level 1225181
Flayer Dungeon Level 2225182
Swampy Pit Level 3215182
Flayer Dungeon Level 3225183
Sewers Level 1235284
Sewers Level 2245385
Ruined Temple235384
Disused Fane235384
Forgotten Reliquary235384
Forgotten Temple245485
Ruined Fane245485
Disused Reliquary245485
Durance of Hate Level 1255583
Durance of Hate Level 2255583
Durance of Hate Level 3255583
Act IV
Outer Steppes265682
Plains of Despair265683
City of the Damned275784
River of Flame275785
The Chaos Sanctuary285885
Act V
Bloody Foothills245880
Frigid Highlands255981
Arreat Plateau266081
Crystalline Passage296182
Frozen River296183
Glacial Trail296183
Drifter Cavern296184
Frozen Tundra276081
The Ancients' Way296282
Icy Cellar296283
Arreat Summit376887
Halls of Anguish336383
Halls of Pain346484
Halls of Vaught366484
Pit of Acheron396182
Infernal Pit396283
Worldstone Keep Level 1396585
Worldstone Keep Level 2406585
Worldstone Keep Level 3426685
Throne of Destruction436685

Act Bosses
The following table lists levels for Act Bosses in each difficulty (v1.10)

Monster Normal Nightmare Hell
Andariel 12 49 75
Duriel 22 55 88
Mephisto 26 59 87
Diablo 40 62 94
Über Diablo (*) - - 110
Baal 60 75 99
Baal Clone (**) 60 69 95

(*) Diablo Clone : this monster is rumored to be spawned by the 'World Event' and drops the [ Annihilus Charm ].
(**) Baal Clone : sometimes Baal summons a double of himself. Baal's double does not drop any items.